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Election Commission Declares Dates of Election in Five States

7 Phase Elections in UP from 11th February, Voting in Punjab and Goa on 4th February: Result will be declared on 11th march



Delhi: On Wednesday around noon, the Election Commission declared dates of election in five states, namely Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Goa, Punjab and Manipur. In Uttar Pradesh, being the largest state, the election will be conducted in 7 phases starting from 11th February.  The first stage of election will be held on 11th February, Second phase on 15th February, third phase on 19th February, fourth phase on 23rd February, fifth phase on  27th February,  6th phase on 4th March and the  seventh phase of the election will be held  on 8th March, 2017.


In Manipur, voting will be conducted in two stages, namely on 4th and 8th March, 2017. Goa and Punjab will go to poll on 4th February, whereas vote will be cast in Uttarakhand on 15th February. The result for all the poll-bound states will be declared on 11th March.

Focus on Confidentiality

In the five states that are going to poll, there are 690 assembly constituencies altogether. The number of electorates in these states is 16 crores. I-cards will be issued to all these electorates. Election Commission has pulled its shocks up to ensure fair voting in all the polling booths across these five states. As per the official of the Election Commission, there will be 1 lakh 85 thousand polling stations. Green pamphlet will be issued to all the voters. All the information regarding polling booth will be furnished in posters, with comprehensive details of rules and regulations. There will be adequate number of guides to help voters with the information that they want. Photo voter slip will be issued to all the voters. The Chief Election Commissioner Naseem Jaidi said, “in order to maintain the confidentiality small cabins of 30 inch height, made up of steel and other solid materials will be used. Photograph of voter will be on the Electronic Voting Machine. There will be separate arrangements for the differently-abled persons.” In the 690 assembly constituencies that are going to poll from the next month, a total of 133 constituencies are regarded as reserved.

Up Elections: Dates along with Seats

The first phase of election in Uttar Pradesh will be on 11th February for 73 seats. In second phase, vote will be cast for 67 seats. In the third phase, the voters will be deciding the fates of 69 candidates on 19th February. On 23rd February, there will be 4th phase of election and that day will decide the fate of the 53 candidates.  Fifth phase of polling will be conducted on 27th February and the total number of seats on that day will be 52.

On March 4, the electorates of Uttar Pradesh will be exercising their franchise to decide the fate of 49 candidates. That day will be the sixth phase of the election, whereas the seventh and last phase of the election will be on 8th March. On that very day, the fate of 40 candidates will be decided. The result of all the poll-bound states will be declared on 11th march, 2017.

Important Notification for the Candidates

The Chief Election Commissioner Naseem Jaidi stated, “It will be mandatory for the candidates to paste their photos on their nomination papers. The candidates must be a citizen of India. They all will have to give their specific information in the form of affidavit. The candidates will have to submit No Dues before the commission. Bank account is necessary for all the candidates. Check payment will be mandatory for all the payment above 20,000. The candidates of UP, Uttarakhand and Punjab could spend 28 lakhs in election campaign, whereas for the candidates of Goa and Manipur, the limit of expense will be 20 lakhs for each candidate”.

At the time of election campaign, there will be total prohibition on the materials causing harm to the environment or the materials that cause noise pollution. Loudspeakers will not be allowed from 10 pm to 6 am.


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