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The Great Samajwadi Dangal

Lucknow: The ruling Samajwadi Part in UP is again in the news, but for the wrong reason. The dissension in the party has come to the fore with the latest development. Akhilesh Yadav, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh and Mr Mulayam Singh Yadav seem to be sailing on different boats. Just after the national president of the party Mulayam Singh released list of his party candidates on different constituencies across the state, Chief Minister Akhilesh defiantly released his list of candidates for the ensuing assembly elections. And that release added fuel to the fire.

Clash of Interests or Tussle over Superiority?

From some time now it was widely speculated that all is not well within the Samajwadi party. Mulayam Sinh, the party patriarch, with his council of trusted ministers and party strongmen was constantly making public opinion about his dominance over the party. However, Chief Minister Akhilesh was not on the same page with his father and party patriarch Mulayam. Though the difference of opinions of the father-son duo was noticeable, but it soon translated into rift, as Mulayam Singh Yadav declared his list of candidates and confirmed the mediapersons that the list of candidates in final.

Mulayam’s Friends Akhileshes’ Foes

The loyalists of Samajwadi Party seem to be divided into two camps. One  camp is lead by the Party Supremo MSY and another camp is lead by the Chielf Minister. The division has become so wide and open that no any single party member can be said to be equally close or equally distant with both of these heavyweights. All those who are close to Chief Minister are not in good book of the party chief whereas same is true for Akhilesh who are close to his father. And after Election Commission declares dates of election in Uttar Pradesh, the rift, as the political pundits fear will be even wider.

Who will take the Electoral Gain with the Rift within the Party?

Though it will not be ripe to predict with some certainty as to what fate is in store for the Ruling Samajajwadi party, but if the speculation made by the media pundits are to be believed, if the rift within the party keeps on becoming wider and wider, it will certainly not augur well for the ruling party. The voters across the state may contemplate that when there is no good future of the party itself, what future the party will guarantee for them even after they vote the party to power? If Akhilesh is not projected as the party’s CM candidate, the youth loyalists of the party may get disillusioned and drift away. The party may have lose its loyalists Muslim votes, if the Sordid Saga within the party continues.

Mulayam Singh Yadav has made several attempts for a compromise. On Thursday, Samajwadi Party’s UP chief and his brother Shivpal Yadav named 68 more candidates that accommodated at list two loyalists of Akhilesh. But, it seems that it is not enough to broker a peace deal. Recently, Akhilesh has threatened to float a new party if his concerns are not addressed and resolved. He has also made concerns about his own future known to the public about his own career if the party fails to win in the assembly election scheduled to take place in the month of February-March, next year.



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