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Horrendous Event Haunts Bengaluru in New Year’s Eve

Bengaluru: What could be termed as one of the most horrendous and shameful acts and that too in a new year’s eve, women molested en masse at a public celebration of New Year’s Eve in the famous MG Road of Bengaluru. The hooligans went on rampage misbehaving with girls. Some girls took shelter to the women constables and some tried their level best to wriggle out of what could be termed as one of the most shameful situations. Some girls, sensing the situation fled leaving their shoes, sandals, etc. Ironically, no any report of the shameful incident was reported till Monday evening.

What had Happened on New Year’s Eve

Celebrations were on full swing on MG Road and Brigade Road on 31st December. As per the information given by the Police Inspector Nagraj, there were almost 60,000 people on these roads. At about 11 pm. Some hooligans started passing lewd comments and touching the girls inappropriately. And that continued for almost half an hour. Soon, there was chaos on all sides. Girls started running amuck and police force failed to apprehend the miscreants and bring them to book.

Home Minister’s Erroneous Remark

The incident of New Year’s Eve spread like forest fire. Sensing the gravity of the incident, the Home Minister of Karnataka, G. Parmeshwar came forward and tried to placate the ire of the protestors that included almost all sections of the society. But, his statement instead of assuaging the ire of the people instead aggravated it.  Mister Home Minister said,” these types of incidents are a common phenomenon. There were enough security forces in the wake of Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Lots of youths gather in such occasions, who behave like Westerners. They not only ape the mentality and way of living of the Westerners, but they also dress like them. We can’t deploy 10,000 police forces. In these occasions, an incident like this is not a rare phenomenon”.

Damage Control Exercise by the Minister of State for Home

Though the Minister of State for home tried to do some damage control exercise stating,” the incident is indeed reprehensible”. And that stern action should be taken against the hooligans.

Girls Started Running amid Chaos

For the girls, the incident that took place on the New Year’s Eve was indeed horrendous. Several girls were seen running from one place to another in a quest to make them safe. When police arrived, the inconsolably crying girls embraced women police constables and officials and begged for immediate help.

Strong Police Force Failed to Prevent the Shameful Act

As per the information provided by some police personnel, “there were enough police security in the wake of new year’s eve. Almost 16,00 police forces were deployed on these roads.” But, a million dollar question is,” if the number of police forces was really that much, what prevented them not to contain the crime and forced them to just be silent spectators?”.

A software Associate working in Accenture, Mr Prashant Kumar Jha said, “ My heart is out for the sufferers of this dastardly act. The wrongdoers must be brought to justice and the police should ensure that there is no any repetition of such a heinous act in future”.

Meanwhile Police Inspector Nagraj has made a fervent appeal to the people. In a press conference he said, “ I request all the eyewitnesses of the incident to come and lodge complaint.”

Abu Azmi Draws Ire of the Public

Abu Azmi of the Samajwadi Party dispensed the argument that if women, unaccompanied by their fathers or husbands, mingle with other men, “it is wrong to expect them to treat her with respect…if there is sugar somewhere, ants will come. He was quoted as saying, “Agar kahin petrol hoga aur aag aaegi to aag lagegi hi. Shakkar giri hogi to cheeti wahan zarur aaegi. ‘’

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